New Year, New Files! Select a Secure Shredding vendor you can trust.

Did you know that a “Certificate of Destruction” does not completely transfer the liability of a security breach?  Anyone can provide a piece of paper that states your documents were securely shredded, but have you done your due diligence to vet your vendor?

NEVER choose a document security company based solely on price…it is illegal.  It is your responsibility to research and analyze a document destruction provider to be sure they have met the proper criteria to protect your company and your customer’s information.

Rest assured…using a vendor that is NAID AAA Certified (like Gateway Recycling, Cleveland) DOES YOUR DUE DILIGENCE FOR YOU!  NAID checks off all the boxes so you don’t have to.

Get to know your shredding vendor by:

  • Setting up a tour for your first visit
  • Get alerts from the NAID website
  • Visit your vendor yearly to review your program and take another tour
  • Ask for references
  • When in doubt…ASK!

Angie Wade of Gateway Confidential is a Certified Secure Destruction Specialist.  What does this mean for your company

  1. Angie is one of two CSDS representatives in Northeast Ohio
  2. With this certification she is recognized as a Qualified and Approved CTK (Compliance Toolkit) Representative. The CTK is designed to provide a systematic approach for organizations to fulfill their regulatory obligation to have written information destruction policies and procedures in place. By NAID Standards, only representives with this certification should be creating your companies Compliance Policy + Procedures.
  3. Angie is available to demonstrate her in-depth knowledge for a consultation or speaking engagement on your information compliance program.

What is CSDS: The CSDS accreditation is awarded to individuals who demonstrate a high level of understanding & competency on issues pertinent to secure data and product destruction.