Sustainability is a very complex term. It goes  recycling. It goes beyond the conservation of nonrenewable resources and water. It is the integration of all of these things we can do to improve the environment and many future lifestyles.

Sustainability is defined by the 1987 Environment and Development Report – Our Common Future as Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. Sustainability is a paradigm shift that leads us to reorder our priorities and account for value in a different way. It asks us to use creativity and technology to create a better world. As William McDonough, author of cradle to Cradle says the thrill is not getting to zero waste, but in unleashing creativity through a new vision of abundance.

The sustainability objectives Gateway Recycling addresses fundamental elements that help businesses to become environmentally responsible through green-programs. Companies working with a recycling program are being designed so the waste the business produces is being recycled and the waste to the environment is being reduced. These solutions are not easy and require collaboration among many sectors of the economy. Gateway Recycling strives to be a resource to accomplish sustainability goals through recycling for all Midwest businesses.

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