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For any company that requires ongoing, verified destruction of sensitive materials, Gateway Recycling offers secure, off-site shredding services. Our strict practices ensure a secure closed-loop process, resulting in a controlled, documented confidential shredding experience.


Gateway Recycling places secure containers in appropriate locations throughout your facilities. On scheduled appointments, our uniformed specialists transfer the containers to secure vault trucks. Materials are delivered to one of our shredding centers, which feature strict ID card security procedures, 24-hour surveillance monitoring, security alarm system and facility fencing.

Within 48 hours, documents are shredded beyond practicable reconstruction and according to Federal regulations. Shredded materials is conveyor fed to a bailing system and materials are baled into 1700 pound bale and shipped to a paper mill for de-inking and pulping of the paper. After the conclusion of every shredding engagement, a certified destruction is provided, ensuring all materials collected were shredded and recycled securely.

The Gateway process is unique, and preferred because it is all within a closed-loop system. This means that all contents do not leave the hands of the professionals at Gateway Recycling until the paper is baled and ready for the paper mill.


  • All shredding is done in a closed-loop system: most secure in destruction process.
  • Complete destruction of paper, plastics, and other materials.
  • Trained, insured personnel and highly secure facilities and processes.
  • Documented completion of confidential destruction to establish accountability.
  • Secure, environmentally friendly disposition of shredded materials.
  • Short-term holding service option to facilitate last-minute recovery.
  • Witnessed destruction, as required secure process, from end to end.