Stronger, smarter.. featuring Gateway!

Secure destruction businesses across the U.S. share how they are emerging from the pandemic.  Gateway contributed to how our recycling and confidential destruction companies have worked to be stronger and smarter through a difficult time. Here are a few highlights to the article..

  • Gateway Confidential also saw its profitability take a hit, with Palmier saying the decrease in shredding volume and the pandemic led to ripple effects companywide afterward.  “The pandemic impacted volume initially,” she says. “And now the aftermath is wage increases and trouble hiring, which affects the bottom line for profitability.”
  • Gateway Confidential prioritized the safety of its employees and customers while maintaining its shredding schedule. “It definitely wasn’t business as usual,” Palmier says. “But I think everybody just went on with their [business], as long as they took the precautions of masks and social distancing and wipes. Safety was obviously the first priority for everybody.”
  • Gateway Confidential took the time to evaluate and promote internal changes in the company’s structure, such as streamlining its operations to work more efficiently, Palmier says.

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