The holidays make us think RED and more importantly, GREEN!!!

When we think of the holiday season, we think – red and green.  Choose to take care of our planet and think green!

During the holiday season there is around 1,000 pounds of extra waste per household.  That seem like a lot, but if you think green, the good news is that about 80 percent of it can actually be reused, re-purposed or recycled. Before you decide to dump all those boxes from delivered packages into a plastic bag and get on with your day – go green and recycle those boxes.  When you’re cleaning up after this year’s festivities, also think green – most wrapping paper these days is recyclable.

We’ve includes a helpful key to help you choose green for the holidays: Never hesitate to reach out if you have questions regarding any recycling or secure shredding needs:

Go Green – Use your Recycling Bin:

  • Cardboard and paper boxes for gifts and shoes
  • Wrapping paper that’s plain paper / no glitter, etc.
  • Plain paper gift bags
  • Holiday cards and envelopes that don’t have embellishments like glitter and glued on decorations
  • Sticky gift tags are not recyclable by themselves, but they are acceptable if affixed to an envelope or wrapping paper

Items for your Garbage:

  • Plastic bubble wrap, air pillows and all types of foam packaging
  • Ribbons and bows because the material and size are not suitable for recycling
  • Gift bags that are laminated, coated, dyed or glittered
  • Cellophane wrap

Have a happy, healthy, safe, and sustainable holiday season!  -from your friends at gateway recycling